New Orleans is one of the USA’s famous cities. It is a wash with nightlife and music. It is rich with jazz and blues history as well as tales of voodoo magic and folk lore. There are loads of this things to do under the neon signs of New Orleans. Why don’t you grab yourself a bourbon and have a read through some of the things you should do if you ever find your your self in New Orleans.

Frenchmen Street

If you are looking for some authenticity and some escape from some of the more tourist orientated places in New Orleans then you should grab a ca to Frenchmen Street. This is a really popular spot for locals and have a plethora of live music, bars, night clubs, restaurants and art galleries. You will be able to take in all the sights, sounds and smells of new Orleans while putting a bit of distance between you and the other tourists. If you came to New Orleans to sit down with a Rusty Nail and listen to some jazz then this is the place for you. It’s really hip and trendy and you will be glad you made the journey from Bourbon Street over to Frenchmen Street.

Garden District

Located less than three mile away from the French Quarter the Garden District is one on the most beautiful residential areas that New Orleans has to offer. There is tons of history in these homes. The entire street is a wash with ivy and trees. This is a brilliant places to take a causal stroll and breathe in some of the more authentic New Orleans sites. It is home to some lovely cafes and shops but you will want to take a wander up to Lafayette Cemetery No.1 after taking in some of the history take a walk over to Commanders Palace Restaurant. This is one of the best eateries in New Orleans. ¬†Give “The Pig and the Fig” a go. Trust us!

Swamp Tours

The Louisiana bayous are loved by the locals of New Orleans. There are decades of history in its swamps and you can take it all in on one of the exclusive Swamp Tours. See some real life ‘gators out there on either a floatboat or a airboat. The bayou is a mix of both fresh water and saltwater so there is a multitude of different wild life out there for you to see like crawfish, crocodiles and snakes.